Thursday, November 3, 2011


Earrings, tons and tons of handmade earrings, and I'm finally starting to upload them to etsy. Listings for the whole colour range will appear over the next week, as well as some bracelets and a different style of earrings too. They're polymer clay with surgical steel posts, handmade, and pretty cheap at $8-9 for a single pair and $14-15 for the doubles pairs. 

Buy them here: or through me if you know me at uni or something.


  1. Those look funky! Too bad I don't wear earrings xD It would be cool if you could make some of your Little Piggies into necklaces.

    (You is English... why is your prices all dollars? x3)

  2. Because the majority of the purchasing power online comes from Amerika? And for some reason it's easier for me to judge dollars. I would make piggy necklaces, but I'm not sure how to string them and using too many of them gets too labour intensive for the return. Also, I have only ever sold one pig through etsy, so apparently people don't give a crap. It's like when we went to the Thing- everyone likes/favs them, but nobody buys. I will have (non-piggy)bracelets up soon, though, and necklaces when I get moar supplies.